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"I read it before I handed it to the teachers and I loved it! I was not expecting all the activities and thought it was a fantastic idea."

"Our 2nd-grade teacher said she loved it and it made her sad at the same time – the kids did not even know how to hold and open a newspaper. To give the kids a genuine newspaper experience was awesome and she felt very blessed to be able to give the newspaper to the kids. They thoroughly enjoyed each little article, the animals and the math game. It had an article for each child's interest. The students were very excited and they did a whole lesson on newspapers."

"Our 3rd-grade teacher said they really liked it, the activities and all of it. They read the whole thing NONSTOP front to back in 30 minutes. The teacher said a newspaper is kind of an old thing, so it's exciting for them."

"Our 4th-grade teacher said she liked it very much. She especially liked the engagement of the puzzles, and she thought it was easy enough for them to understand."

"Our 5th-grade teacher thought all the articles were appropriate for 5th grade. Some activities were for younger students, but there is a good variety and it hits all the grades in elementary."

"The elementary students seem to like it! The teachers have been using the kids newspaper to teach."

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